Who We Are?

Since 1988 Bilgins Leather&Fur

Nature’s first and best quality of clothing gifted to humankind

We have fell in love with such gift of nature and in 1988 we have manufactured it to become a flagship in fashion industry. As Bilgin’s, we follow advanced technologies on sewing techniques, use best-class leather, fur and accessories to honor the material that we deeply respect. Apart from manufacturing products of our world-famous clients with more than 500 employees, our “Bilgin’s Luxury” brand has reached masses in Russia, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom, South Korea and Arabic peninsula.

We offer our luxury segment products, including leather, fur, crocodile, chinchilla, python, at our glancing two shops in Istanbul. Also, our brand “Bilgin’s Luxury” is being sold at stores in touristic destinations such as Antalya, spreading our unique and exquisite designs to the rest of the world. Our efforts to spread our products around the world have enhanced in 2020, as we established our brand-new electronic shop available online.


We Produce Quality

We are working to produce better and better quality products every day. We are pleased to determine the fashion in leather and fur clothing.


Leather - Fur - Jewelry - Ceramic - Traditional Turkish Carpet - Hagia Sophia Views Cafe

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